Anthony Constantino is currently the lead engraver and personal assistant for internationally renowned and celebrated composer Richard Danielpour, whose works are published by Lean Kat Music. Constantino has worked with Danielpour since 2014 and has engraved 25 commissions to date, including major works such as The Passion of Yeshua, An American Mosaic, and Talking to Aphrodite. He also frequently serves as a consultant for student and professional composers alike providing assistance with engraving, self-publishing, workflow improvement, and audio technology. For music engraving, he primarily uses Dorico (Steinberg) and is proficient with Sibelius (Avid). 

Constantino has provided consultation and assistance in the production of award-winning commercial recordings. He was heavily involved in the production of the Grammy-winning world-premiere recording of Danielpour's The Passion of Yeshua (Naxos 8.559885-86). He also assisted with the recently released An American Mosaic (Supertrain Records), the Russian String Orchestra's recording of Talking to Aphrodite (Naxos 8.559857), and is credited for Digital Enhancement on Ian Krouse's recording of Symphony No. 5 'A Journey Towards Peace' (Naxos 8.559907)

In addition, Constantino offers private lessons in composition, orchestration, ear-training, and engraving. He currently works with students ranging from high-school to post-graduate levels, and he has assisted several students in preparation for application to the most prestigious composition programs in the USA. 

Constantino can provide all services remotely via Zoom, including private lessons. For rates, inquiries, and details, please use this website's contact form or the email address below.